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The workshop was attended by about 73 delegates from several stakeholder as local administrations, PTOs public transport operators , PTAs public transport authorities , manufacturers, industry and universities representatives as well as consultants. The purpose of the Technical Workshop …. New e-cars at a parking site Preparation of the new e-cars at the depot. For information on the project you can send your requests to the Project Manager. Demonstration Objectives I-SharE LIFE aims at demonstrating the technological and economic feasibility of e-carsharing models of service tailored to smaller urban areas in Lombardy and Croatia, in order to facilitate the uptake of electric and shared mobility in a wider range of urban contexts.

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Then it was back to work. They were shaken, but barely talked about it. Resuscitation was not his speciality. He was, and increasingly became over the next six decades, an expert in hepato-pancreato-biliary surgery, specialising in resections of the liver, and famous round Dallas-Fort Worth for turning up at hospitals with Lin clamps in his car, ready to control any bleeding from the portal vein.

But gunshot trauma was hardly unusual at Parkland.

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In he had been only a year in the surgical faculty, but he had also done a summer job and a general-surgery residency there, before becoming a full-time instructor of surgery in the next-door University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. In that time he had seen at least gunshot wounds, for it was a city-county hospital for indigent patients, many of whom got mixed up in shootings.

Two days later he was busy on yet another. The TV news told him that Lee Harvey Oswald, arrested for the killing of Kennedy, had been shot in turn, and he raced to Parkland to save him if he could. This was a pistol shot at close range to the abdomen, survivable if straight front-to-back.

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But Oswald had flinched aside—as anyone would—and the bullet had gone across the left side to the back, injuring the aorta and vena cava and causing such blood loss that he was white as a piece of paper. Again, Dr McClelland thought him unsalvageable.

He was often asked why he had made such efforts to save him. First, because that was his job; second, because Oswald had been accused but not convicted. And he did not believe that Oswald had acted alone. He was no expert in physics or ballistics, and his knowledge of how bodies reacted to bullets was drawn mainly from deer-hunting in East Texas where he had grown up, eager to be a doctor like his grandfather.

Still less did he have time for those nuts, conspiracy theorists. But he lived and breathed first-hand surgical experience.

He would also happily scrub up and sit in on procedures if any resident asked him, working quietly on his laptop, assisting if needed. And it was as a surgeon that he formed his opinion about the Kennedy assassination, simply from what he saw that day.

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The neck wound might have been entry or exit, but the back of the head clearly showed a huge exit wound; so the first bullet probably came from the back, and the second from the front, from different gunmen. He refused to speculate beyond that; he was no more qualified to do that than anyone else. On that day he just did what he was trained to do, the best way he could, as they all did.