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Age , Hardback 39pp. Mum is a lifelong activist and campaigner for pacifism.

Grandad is ex-army. Olivia is caught in a whirlwind of competing ideologies at home, at school and within the wider community.


Sent to spend time with her Dad who lives on Lindisfarne, those conflicts seems blissfully far way A novel rich with Booth's trademark, social justice 'sweep' in which she encompasses a great range of thought-provoking issues and places a young person at the centre who then courageously strives to carve out an independent voice.

Why don't we call it a granddaughter's clock?

For Ada, everything is a potential quiz, riddle and puzzle to be unravelled. Her parents are frazzled. Her teachers are frazzled. But, in the end, everyone recognises that at the core of all this chaos and testing and answering is a budding and brilliant scientist. A book guaranteed to pique children's interest in STEM subjects. Fantastic rhythms and rhymes, scrummy illustrations with fantastic detailing; this is what people mean when they talk about a perfect picture books- a flweless dialogue between text and illustration.

But, inspired by the stories of Ada Lovelace and Marie Curie, this is perhaps our favouritest so far You can see 2 of our teen reviewers sharing their own views on Ada Twist here. Age , Hardback 30pp. The options are to go hungry, store food and risk being raided or flee the country. Matt and his family are forced to take that final option and make the dangerous escape to a refugee camp in France. Alida's Song Ref: A young boy escapes his parents' problems to spend the summer on a farm with his grandmother.

A tender tale of healing and rediscovered love. Shona and her Dad have enjoyed their trip to the Natural History Museum, especially the display of Lucy, a 3. But things go a little awry on the way back home Stuck a tube in a tunnel, all Shona can do is try to enjoy the company of Tattoo Fellow, Pinstripe Man, Kindle Woman and her Dad's spooky jumbie tales.

A funny and super-silly celebration of our diverse capital city and its quirky residents. Age Paperback 49pp. In their hearts and their memories and their laughter. Fox was still there A moving portrayal of bereavement, grief and healing. Age , Paperback 26pp. When she laughed, her teeth looked like she had brushed them with chilli powder.

Ammuchi laughed a lot". Aditya and Anjali adore their rather off-beat grandmother, Ammuchi; they especially like listening to her magical ghost stories. When grandma dies, the family is bereft. But then, in the middle of their mourning, a mysterious orange butterfly begins to make a regular appearance, fluttering on Anjali's nose, dropping gentle kisses on her face Anjali swears the butterfly is her grandma come back with an important message for them. A magical, soothing story by an Indian author with illustrations so bright they seem to have drained the entire colour palette!

I like the implicit acceptance of death and sadness but the richness of memory' Eileen, Former Teacher, LL reviewer. Age Paperback 29pp. A Nation Again Ref: Set in Scotland, , we see the political arguments and events which led to the union of Scotland with its powerful English neighbour through the eyes of courageous, orphaned Annie.

Age , 92pp Paperback.

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Anna Hibiscus by Atinuke illustrated by Lauren Tobia. Anna lives in Africa. Amazing Africa. Beautifully written and charmingly illustrated stories by a Nigerian author about a contemporary, urban, fun-filled little girl. A witty Iberian story with a twist. Large format, high quality production and packed with fun. Age , Paperback 31pp. There are anthologies and then there are anthologies.


A number of books have been inspired by the wonderful Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls- of varying quality! This is, in our view, one of the most inspired. Of the fifty, nearly half are women of colour. The full colour illustrations are very attractive, the text is presented in nicely digestible chunks and the overall presentation is extremely accessible.

A glossary and inspirational introduction and epilogue complete this great feminist package. Stunning slice of Black History. A dazzling portrait of self-taught folk artist, Clementine Hunter, whose paintings went from hanging on her clotheslines to hanging in museums. Age , American Import Hardback 30pp. Through creative ideas challenging societal expectations in positive terms that are funny and thought-provoking, A Rule Is To Break is for children of all ages.

Fantastically colourful and lively illustrations. Age , Hardback 40pp. Realistic and positive. Told in a super child-friendly, comic-style, format. Age , Paperback 36pp. Age , Hardback 36pp. DePrince is a Sierra Leonean-American professional ballet dancer. Brought up in an orphanage in Sierra Leone during the civil war and then, aged 4, adopted by an American Jewish couple, DePrince became one of America's most eminent ballerinas, winning awards and attracting media attention around the world.

Maya Angelou's Mandela Tribute Poem

This early reader biography, written by DePrince and her adoptive mother, manages to convey this extraordinary story in the most child-friendly of ways while never glossing over the essential facts. It has everything in it- truth, purpose, pain, determination, hard work and triumph. Inspiring on every page! Age , Paperback 63pp. A traditional tale form India with a smart, resourceful heroine. Published in consultation with the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education.

Age , Paperback 93pp. When he hears that ET-The Musical is casting, he can't resist breaking free of his small town and making it alone to the big city A delightful journey of self-discovery ensues, one ultimately full of optimism: "A kid who might have found someplace where he doesn't have to change anything about himself, to fit in. A better Nate than ever". Fantastic characters, including a protagonist full of soul and heart, a cheerleading best friend who blazes with wit and sassiness Libby and a sardonic, seen-it-all, downbeat Auntie Heidi.

Bouncing with humour, this is also a wonderful exploration of homophobic bullying and what it means to not fit in. Most of all it provides a nuanced, subtle and spot-on representation of a young person who is not quite ready to but is also on the brink of discovering their sexuality In the words of one of our reviewers, 'My 11 year old self would have loved this book. There is a real joy here as a boy learns to accept his own identity Black Dog Ref: Shortlist Kate Greenaway Medal A gorgeously illustrated and original read-aloud about a family called Hope and a Black Dog who is fearfully scary or insignificantly puppy-like depending on how you look at the world Age , Paperback 25pp.

This book looks at the great civilisations of the African continent including Ta-Seti and ancient Egypt, the empire of Mali and the kingdom of Benin and the people within these complex societies. It has just the right balance between text, pictures and sources' Morgan, aged 15, LL reviewer. Age , Paperback 48pp. Full of UK references, very contemporary-looking, with teaching notes, glossaries and timelines.

(PDF) 'Rivonia' - A poem about the trial of Nelson Mandela | Jeremy Solnick -

Black History: Resistance and Abolition Ref: A new, bright and brilliant, jam-packed, Black History series- certainly one of the best we've seen at Letterbox Library. His childhood, coming to England from Jamaica, and his love of music. Age , 40pp Paperback. Moving biography of the well-loved writer, 'determined to put black children into books' despite others discouragement and her struggle with sickle cell disorder.

Age , Paperback 40pp.

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Read about this well know actor and star of East Enders. Another in the series of these brilliantly executed biographies of contemporary Black UK role models. Blade and Bone Ref: The long awaited sequel to Sawbones! We couldn't be more excited. Ezra and Loveday are on the move and are taking all possible risks to get prince Mahmoud back to safety.

Travelling through late 18th century Paris, in the midst of revolution, they must dodge over-enthusiastic surgeons, a population in turmoil and Heads will surely roll A fitting and ever-exciting sequel which also works just as well as a stand-alone.