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I have power cycled it multiple times. A quick internet search told me this problem has occured in the past. My questions are: does it ever get resolved, if resolved how was it resolved, and what can I try now, as I wait for tech care to get back to me?

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I have the same problem and it says "We're sorry, there was an error processing your borrow request. Please try again later. From which program are you trying to borrow? The Kindle Owners' Lending Library allows you to borrow one book per month. It usually tells me I've reached my quota when I try to check out more than one book a month but it's certainly possible.

I tried to find my last book was checked out but could only see the date I returned it. I'll give it till August in case I'm off by a few days.

Review and advice for Amazon's KDP option and lending library

Thank you! If you borrowed a book in July, you can't borrow again until August. It's not measured in days, it's monthly. This is a customer to customer forum.

Kindle Owners Who Subscribe to Prime Service Will Be Able to Borrow E-Titles

Disclaimer: I have examined any sites I provide links for and have determined them to be safe but I make no promises about safety, content, ads served or anything that might make you clutch your pearls in horror. Use discretion clicking on links provided by total strangers such as myself. I have not borrowed any books since November I returned that last one in January The error text is exactly what jnbu posted above.

My Amazon Prime account is current and active. Tech care has not gotten back to me in the 56 hours since I notified them of this issue and tried all their suggestions. I still can't borrow a book. I am not being told that I still have a book out, customer care confirmed that I don't , nor am I being told that I already borrowed a book for this month. The error message does not say the monthly quota has been reached. It's a different message. Error message "We're sorry, there was an error processing your borrow request.

Errpr message reads: "We're sorry, there was an error processing your borrow request. Tech support got back to me, but only to tell me to ensure my default address is set. This was the first thing the kindle team checked and confirmed as being correct so I am still getting the error. I will try in August but since I haven't borrowed a book since last year I don't have any hope that it will suddenly work in August. I have nothing showing on my digital content screen showing as currently borrowed.

I recall returning the last one in January. I have finally managed to download a book from the Kindle Lending Library. Help: Borrow Books from the Kindle Owners' Lending Library

I did so on July 29, via a Kindle Fire 7 tablet. My Kindle Paperwhite's motherboard failed as far as the modem goes.

It could see wifi signals but it could not send any communications outward so it was unable to download books or anything else. I opted to replace it with a similar device, namely a newer Kindle Paperwhite with WiFi and this time 3G as well.

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Once the Kindle restarts, the library will be accessible to you. To Access the Library from your device:. Hi I use a kindle paperwhite and unfortunately I dont see the shop in kindle store setting in the menu furthermore when i tried it from my browser my indian prime didnt transfer to the. But, you should check and try to set your country from their page — the process is a bit convoluted and the link hidden, but you can change your country to India or US as you choose.

Make sure your country is set to the United States. Go to Step By Saurabh Jain.

Now you can borrow books from the Kindle Lending Library!

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