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And on a more personal level, it gave the US marines an opportunity to get to know some of their British counterparts. A variant of the Merlin will serve as the next presidential helicopter Marine One so there is considerable interest across the Pond in the helicopter and what it can do.

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With the dignitaries suitably wowed, the nitty gritty of the visit to Washington began with the Merlin crews chatting to US Navy and Presidential Flight fliers about tactics and features of the aircraft to look out for when it enters service with the USMC from next year. No visit to the US capital would be complete without some sightsee ing. The success of this complicated and demanding work has been as a direct result Of a lot of hard work by a wide range of people," said CO Capt Jeremy Blunden.

Robbing Peter to pay Paul? Refused a loan? Facing Bankruptcy? We will help you to resolve your debts. Resolve UK are specialist debt advisors to all military personnel and their families. Very carefully. And backwards. The metre ft ship arrived at Lt Schmidt Pier in the centre of the Venice of the North 3 having turned around with inches to spare at either side of the River Nevsky, Albion is the largest foreign warship to visit St Petersburg - and the Russians made a suitable fuss of her accordingly.

The actress was onboard for a fashion shoot by the Russian edition JV of Vogue magazine it won't appear until the November edition and fyi was escorted by Royal Marines Mi and sailors throughout her stay; she responded to Albion's hospitality by providing the volunteers with front-row seats at her production of King Lear. More than half a million victims of the siege of Leningrad - as the city was known under Soviet rule - are buried in huge mass graves each one contains 10, dead.

As a Thank you", pupils performed a short concert and presented the sailors were various pictures they had produced. Ambush and Artful, at six letters apiece, look good for the same treatment, although one wonders how they will cope with Audacious, the fourth of class which was confirmed as an order just days before Astute was rolled out.

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Glorious weather brought out a good crowd - an estimated 10, people were either invited as guests or watched from various vantage points along the dock or on the Michaelson Road bridge. The Duchess of Cornwall w r as escorted into the Devonshire Dock Hall where she had the chance to see an exhibition of work by schools. All four ballistic nuclear missile boats, four Trafalgar- class submarines and all four Astute boats will receive the upgrades over the next three- four years.

Existing antennae will remain on the vessels, but processors and consoles inside the boats will be replaced. The doors of the hall were opened, and the crowds on the dockside caught their first glimpse of Astute, her blunt nose initially obscured by lengths of black material. Before the ceremony, the Duchess met another Astute. And young Astute, a black labrador, won the hearts of onlookers as he greeted the Duchess - and refused to leave the dais without a struggle.

Reminding everybody that she was married to an admiral, the Duchess of Cornwall spoke the time-honoured words to launch the boat - although tradition dictates a rather humbler brew than champagne is used, Instead, Astute was welcomed with a bottle of beer brewed by a family member of one of the crew. Within minutes, as lights flashed along the flanks, a train of 52 railway cars had started to roll gently forward, carrying the 7, tonne vessel out of the hall and on to the mighty ship lift.

Thanks to the camera kit, it tracked the suspicious airplane visually in the dark, then tracked the bales as they were dropped into the sea for a waiting boat - and onward distribution. Those trials could bear fruit in the near future with the very real possibility of a British warship deploying with a UAV aboard, possibly a mini helicopter or a strange-looking aircraft which parachutes into the sea at the end of its mission.

Even more enticing is the thought of major strike carrier operations launched from a British conventional flat-top, a dream which will become reality in the next decade. We deol with all types of injury claim invoking the military.

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The first major test for the Orion group came off Patras in Greece with Exercise Ariadne, a large- scale hunt for mines involving naval forces from Belgium, Spain, Germany, Greece and Turkey off the Peloponnese coast. The Hellenic Navy kindly laid plenty of dummy mines for the Allied warships to find - which some did. Just to add to the excitement of Ariadne, if mines were not enough to contend with, enemy air power was thrown into the mix, with the task group attacked by helicopters and fast jets.

The quartet of minehunters parted company with Cardigan Bay for passage to Piraeus. It looked bad for the scratch RN side who were down within the first ten minutes.

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They fought back however and eventually won the tie Upon leaving Piraeus, Orion split again. Atherstone made for Souda Bay in Crete, while the rest of the group sailed through the Dardanelles and into Erdek. As for the Turkish element of Orion 3 the four ships spent a week off Erdek working with the Turks on a mix of exercises involving gunnery, minehuming and defence against fast inshore attack craft before taking a break in the base of Erdek. The force is currently making its way around the Black Sea. Answer: RFA Bayleaf, of course. For pretty much every movement by a Royal Navy worship east of Suez, as well as numerous Allied vessels in the region, relies on the fuel provided by the veteran tanker.

The biggest guzzler was USS Boxer, a 40,ton helicopter carrier and assault ship, which took 2, tonnes of fuel on board minehunters HMS Biyth and Ramsey, by contrast, needed a mere 24 tonnes to maintain them when they replenished-at- sea with the auxiliary. Not all the time at sea is spent refuelling Allied vessels. In between RASing there are regular exercises to keep Bayleaf on her toes - fire-fighting drills, weapons training, dummies overboard to rescue, imaginary breakdowns.

Gunnery instructors from F lag Officer Sea Training have also been on board to test the aptitude of the RFA men and women at blasting targets out of the water by day or night using the Mini Gun, 20mm and General-Purpose Machine guns. As a result, the ship is slowly building a fledgling ski and snowboard team. Entry to the open day, between 10am and 3pm, is free and will give the public a chance to see how civvies are transformed into sailors in just eight weeks during basic entry training. Raleigh does much more than train rookie sailors, however.

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And he called in former senior BBC journalist Tony Hall to look at the way the RN and MOD dealt with the media when the sailors and marines returned to the UK a fortnight after their capture; the decision to allow the captives to sell their stories to newspapers and TV coverage drew widespread condemnation.

I can assure you that action plans are already in place. Mr Hall said he could find no one person either in the RN or in Whitehall who had allowed sailors to receive money from newspapers for their stories. Having been thrust unwillingly on to Iranian TV, many of the captives were keen to put their side of die story - something which the RN was also keen for them to do on their release. The former BBC man added that had the leading hand been at die press conference at RM Chive nor and told her story along with her comrades, media interest in the story - and the hounding of families by reporters - would probably have rapidly subsided.


Not least, the senior journalist said, there was a rift between Whitehall and Fleet Street. They deserve no less. The team at the Maritime Warfare Centre - the brains trust which develops and teaches the art of operational thinking and working - wants to tap into some of the things which makes the Fleet, Fleet Air Arm and Royal Marines tick so they can share that expertise across the entire Senior Service where relevant. In simple terms that means taking up some of the ideas and practices a ship, squadron or unit uses in the front line and passing them on to the rest of the RN.

The nuggets the MWC team are looking for are less about the big picture, but the little things which make a difference to the effectiveness of a unit - and thus impact on the big picture. And talking of pictures,. Rather than peer at the small screen on the back of digital camera to examine an image, one flight crew downloaded it on to a large Tablet 1 screen for improved viewing, an idea which is now being suggested to fellow fliers.

Skye-ful hours for Kent THE not-so-familjar surroundings of the Scottish Isles have been home to the good ship Kent as she 1 hosted eight officers undergoing specialist navigation training. Two weeks of intensive instruction and manoeuvres were lined up, with the students assessed on their ability to conduct high-speed runs close to land, anchoring by night and other challenging scenarios.

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Given the fairly dangerous nature of the training, the frigate's navigational team were on hand all the time and Special Sea Dutymen were closed up in case of any emergencies. Don't worry, we haven't gone all STar Trek on you phew — Ed. But with web access across the Fleet becoming easier, personal diaries are likely to form an increasing part of life at sea, giving sailors a chance to air their stories, rather than reiving on the media to highlight or, sadly, often ignore what the RN is doing. Alongside the highs of command - letting rip with the 4.

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Whilst the Navy appears infrequently in the headlines, our support to those campaigns is huge. Further advice has been provided in a circular on dealing with the media issued by Capt Windsor. Every year SVR cares for more than ex-Service men and women of all ages. We believe our residents deserve the best quality of support, services, kindness and understanding we can provide.

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Dignity, privacy and respect for our residents are our principal objectives. Please send your donation, large or small to ensure that our veterans are looked after in years to come.

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They say they will only be affiliated with a new HMS Sheffield, nothing more, nothing less,,. The Yorkshire city had particularly strong ties with its namesake cruiser, the destroyer lost in the Falkiands and, most recently, the Type 22 frigate ordered in the wake of the conflict. For those reasons civic leaders rejected the offer of an affiliation with Diamond Daring already has burgeoning ties with the city of Birmingham, Newcastle gladly accepted the chance to be associated with Dauntless, and First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Jonathon Band told Cardiff's city leaders at a dinner that the Welsh capital would be fittingly associated with HMS Dragon.

Rear Admiral John stone-Burt inspected the guard of honour before presenting numerous awards and medals to the Londoners listed below , including AB Craig Jacobs, named new entry recruit of the year. The Type 22 warship has just passed the half-way point of the overhaul in the impressive Trigate shed' at Devonport. With the little celebration over, the party vacated the dock bottom and the sluices were opened. With undocking completed, the men and women of the Mighty Sausage are gearing up for the next milestone - moving back on board in July. This latest revamp sees her hull and machinery given some much- appreciated TLC, plus improved satellite communications, water processing plants and a new torpedo defence system.

Kind to the environment, that is, as the ships have earned their builders praise for some of the eco-friendly methods used in construction. Six Type 45 anti-air destroyers are on the order books from HMS Daring, nearing completion, to HMS Duncan, ship number six, BAE Systems, who are building the midships and stern of each vessel as well as fitting them out the bow and main mast is provided by the VT Group in Portsmouth has turned to environmentslly-friendly paint to give Daring and her sisters that battleship grey sheen. The firm has used an innovative powder coating for components instead of traditional solvent-based paint, or used water and epoxy-based paints wherever possible.

And by using environmentally- fricndly paint it means the tins can be recycled rather than dumped in landfill sites. Around tonnes of tins will be re-used. And to keep the men in the Treasury happy, the switch to green 1 grey will save the taxpayer thousands of pounds.