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We need to recalibrate our passions to begin with a person. That happens as we start seeing those stricken by poverty as one of us rather than as the other. A common thread of humanness runs through all of us, and we simply need to find the thread that connects us.

The problem of eradicating poverty is not about the lack of funding or a marketing strategy. The problem with eradicating poverty is the rampant disconnection between the haves and the have-nots. In the gospel of Luke Luke , Jesus and those around Him came upon a blind man on the side of the road to Jericho.

Be Like Jesus, through Jesus

The blind guy was begging. He had nothing. The crowd surrounding Jesus started to get closer to the man as they walked down the road, and he asked a passerby what was happening. And with that, the blind guy sitting on the side of the road called out to Jesus.

5 Ways We Are Called To Be Like Jesus - Faith in the News

I mean, really called out to Him. The people in the front of the moving crowd kept trying to hush him, to keep him quiet as Jesus walked by, but he persisted.

Jesus stopped and had the man brought right to Him. Not on my own. But the Bible tells us how that dream becomes a reality — we become like Jesus through Jesus.

Some New Testament Examples

At least forty verses in the New Testament tell us what is possible through Christ. Through the obedience of Jesus — his willingness to die for us — we have been made righteous Romans Through Jesus alone, we stand fully pardoned before God the Father and fully reconciled to him. Through Jesus alone, we can have victory over our sinful natures. We can choose forgiveness instead of bitterness, mercy instead of revenge, love instead of resentment, and service instead of selfishness.

I Would Be Like Jesus

Third, through Jesus our daily lives can be different. Do we have trouble with employers and conflict with family members?

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Are we confronted with the hardship of a cancer diagnosis or the loss of a job? Do friends and neighbors smirk when we invite them to church or tell them we are praying for them? Do we live in neighborhoods or work in environments that are dangerous?

Becoming Like Christ

Through Christ — through his life that now abides in us — we are empowered and equipped to accomplish all that God wants us to do on any given day and in any circumstance:. It will take much more than the consumption of some kind of spiritual Gatorade. It requires a total emptying of self, so that Christ can fill us with himself.

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    But some Christian men resist gentleness because they associate it with being effeminate. Strength and gentleness can seem mutually exclusive. After all, if anyone was ever a man, a true man, he is. And while he could drive money changers from the temple, he also delighted to gather up into his arms the little children whom his disciples tried to send away Matt.