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He waited his invasion until High King Graklak of Hammerfell declared his conquest of the prominent port of Dawnstar. He would later declare an apartheid based on trade to fiscally cripple the Nords under his governance. The last free Yokudan lord was no more. With the taking of Raven all of Yokuda was part of our mighty empire.

Once those are gone then the nearest point of access for Brettonic Supplies and Recruits will be removed. The moment this happens we will land back home and the fleet is to patrol the northern waters in the Abecean Sea. His want for Greymarch ended by the Jackal of Yokuda. The Nords of Whiterun remained oppressed. The previous forces of Mannimarco had long withered away as the necromantic lord left after being injured.

With him gone the Altmeri forces were left to face those of the Brettonic Empire in a fight. Emperor Lain charged the elf center and forced open a gap with his Orcish core. With their line broken, the elves fled but only long enough to be cut down by the Colovian cavalry force. Only thirteen-hundred of the initial six-thousand Altmeri survived. As he made his base within the very city of Belport Run he took two thirds of his forces and rushed back across the strait to remove a force of Altmer who were attempting to retake Firsthold.

After crushing the elves, he moved back to Belport and assaulted its final defenses. Every elf inside was massacred. For ones so high, their children still screamed like the piglets. He truly was a new form of Bulfish, one that our people would forever respect. Last edited: Jul 7, Bye-bye High Elves. I never could get into liking you that much any way. You were kinda snooty in Morrowind , and after you went around persecuting people in Skyrim Also, the Redguard rule Skyrim?

Oh man, soooooo many ways that could go Speaking of which, not sure how I feel about the Breton-looking leaders of an empire that started out as orc-ruled. I know the empire is trying to be more of a mixture now, especially in government, but still a bit peculiar, given how this AAR started out. Are there going to be any rebellions from "true" orcs in the future?

Keiper , Jul 7, Agree x 1. Well, I find it intersting just a hint of something interesting between groom and bride.

I wonder might be going on there. We will remove the infidel from the throne and remove the black stain upon the honor of Molouch.

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For our customs, for our race, for our god, for our future, for the empire. All those who would dare question the mandate of Malacath will face such a fate. Eighteen-thousand proper troops levied from Balfiera faced the thirteen-and-half of Shulong. Lain had all prisoners beheaded and left their bodies to rot on the main road.

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There the orcish warriors formed a wall around the citizens. From the rooftops archers, javelin throwers, and mages fired down at their leisure into the crowd. Any that went near the wall of orcish troops were cut down. Next, all orcs known not to worship Malacath were hung from the rafters inside the town hall.

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I snuck out of the city that night. In the conflict though she was slain in the midst of battle and the Arnor lost the crown to the Aldor. Berwn swore vengeance for her aunt and kinlady.

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Yargol swore as well, for his step-mother and the woman of his half-siblings was laid slain. Last edited: Jul 11, One cannot really be surprised by these rebellions, the Emperor least of all. He will make a town of corpses and call it pacified. Looks like the Brettonic times of troubles have begun.

Also, holy cow, I don't think I've seen casualty numbers that big in CK2 before. Keiper , Jul 12, Keiper , Jul 15, Helpful x 1. They vomited out a bile of steel that still mars the flesh of mother Pyandonea. The Baron of Godillion who lead their pathetic forces fell on his own sword. A waste of a kill but it saved out blades the blood of a coward. Unfin LL, lndsc and fenced, two- plan with 9 ft clgs, gas FP, piles, 3-pane session. Philip Jeremy up plus 3 brs, 4-pce bath.

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Raised bsmt car garage. Hiebert, Cindy Xu, Dziurko-Bodnik, Jerzy, Former Qualico-blt show home Sun, pm. Prof lndsc. Call baths, 9 ft ceiling, tripane windows, HRV, garage. Prof fin rec place. Landscaped and able to view during construction. Don Ed Dale Jr. Framed bsmt. Terry, Vlad Mostkov, Feener, BDK Realty Ltd. Quality fea- Trails. For more in- kitchen with quartz tops.

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On a great pie-shaped lot in tures incl steel beams, quartz counters, for details. Pie lot with Bridgwater Trails. Mark Loewen, Ed Dale much more. Open concept plan. Vlad Mostkov, Bridgewater is well worth looking at. Att garage. Lori Hal McLean, Thorsteinson, Fully developed basement, located on quiet cul-de-sac in South low.

Large master br Fully dev sq ft bng.

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  5. Outstanding profession- beautiful ensuite bath, detached garage, Pointe. Finished basement. Att 3-car garage. Modern open con- lovely landscaping and more.

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    Blake Vasko, stone patio. The basement is insul. Irina school catchment. Sunil Callay, Glikshtern, Cory Kehler, Three br two storey. Quality, quartz counters. Island kitchen is the complete package! This home sim- beautiful rear view lake.