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We actually write dummy questions for this exam, as well as three others those are the questions you answer, but don't count, and don't show up until later versions of the exam. There are three general types of questions, which I'll call recall, application and problem solving. The vast majority are application-- and that's where this prep guide shines. Please DO NOT be fooled by all the packages, flash cards, kits, toolkits, and thinner volumes competing with this volume-- this study guide is very recently up to date with the latest questions and topics many taken from real test exit interviews as well as folks like us writing advanced questions for future exams , and in close to 1, pages, every topic is at least covered in enough depth to get you to the right answer.

Also, the publisher's web site for the book does offer electronic flashcards, over 1, more questions, and three complete question exams in addition to the complete exam already found in the book! In the multiple choice questions, there are "distractors" that are very close to the real answer, but as a programmer you probably already know about interlocking choices-- you can almost always eliminate two of the choices by just the Bool behind the others.

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This guide gives all the tips as well as great exercises without wasting your time on outdated topics that are no longer relevant. Some of the questions are difficult, I won't shine you on, but if you take the time to understand both the content and the format with this book, you'll dramatically cut down the time it takes to get to the answer on the real exam, and really reduce your stress.

What you get out depends on what you put in, but save yourself a load of money and focus on this resource-- it does not disappoint. I have no problem trash talking garbage out there my personality , but there is little to say negative about this fine collection of exercises and questions.

I hate to see you waste money, and you won't here! This was my primary book for studying for the exam.

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It was an excellent resource. I read the entire book and then went back and re-read the chapter summaries.

I was familiar with much of the material but some of the domains were new to me and were explained well in the book. This was the first certification exam I took in a long time and this book made it easier for me. And for what the book contains, this book is underpriced. I remember paying a lot more for certification books. I took the quizzes at the end of each chapter. The test engine that you can download was also very helpful. I'm sure the authors and publishers will be out with a new edition since the CISSP domains and exam has changed. I plan on buying it to stay current.

This book is current content and easy to read and interpret. A few practice test questions, but not enough to help you see weaknesses sufficiently to create a more focused study plan. I'd rate it a 5 if it had more questions.

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Without them, you have to buy something else. It's still a good bargain, hard copy or Kindle which you get Kindle-PC version. If English is not your first language, you may register for one of several other language versions of the exam when applicable. Or, if you choose to use the English version of the exam you may reference the translated ISC? Certification Acronym and ISC?

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Certification Terms glossaries, a complete list of acronyms and terms you may encounter during your ISC? Finally, ISC? Please be sure to check www. It takes the goals of a security policy and the requirements of the standards and defines them specifically in the baseline as a rule against which to implement and compare IT systems. To Note that the discussion of qualitative versus quantitative risk analysis earlier in this chapter may clarify this issue.

Which one of the following risks is least likely to be adequately addressed by his assessment? Downtime from data center flooding 2. Cost of recovery from denial of service attack 3.

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Reputational damage from data breach 4. However, known attacks against this algorithm reduce the effective strength to bits.

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After the next sentence ending in "with a decryption operation. After the sentence Both the third and fourth Strike the paragraph "These four variants He then changes a single character of the sentence and computes the hash value again. Which one of the following statements is true about the new hash value? The new hash value will be one character different from the old hash value. The new hash value will be unchanged. The new hash value will be completely different from the old hash value.

To the following: Thus, a subject using a computer labeled as private and sensitive in a commercial scheme that reads bottom up as public, sensitive, private, proprietary, and confidential can access only private and sensitive data but not public, proprietary, or confidential data. In this example, the computer has a LUB as the division between private and proprietary and a GLB as the division between public and sensitive.

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The final statement of this question is missing. Please include Select all that apply after the end of the question. Please find the below for reference Select all that apply Jun 10 Errata in text Chapter 10, page Under the Fire Prevention, Detection, and Suppression section, second paragraph, the three corners of the fire triangle fire, heat and oxygen. Should be fuel, heat and oxygen. Replace with the below content: Which of the following statements are not true in regards to static electricity? Electrostatic discharge can damage most computing components.

Static charge accumulation is more prevalent when there is high humidity. Static discharge from a person to a metal object can be over 1, volts. Static electricity is not managed by the deployment of a UPS. Correct Eavesdropping and other attacks are discussed in more detail at the end of Chapter To this Some groups have such high privileges that even in organizations with tens of thousands of users, their membership is limited.

To this This group has so much power that Microsoft recommends it contains no users on a day-to-day basis. Administrators are only added to the group when the privileges are needed. Quality of service QoS controls protect the integrity of data networks under load. It is not possible to determine the degree of difference between two inputs by comparing their hash values. Changing even a single character in the input to a hash function will result in completely different output.

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