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Sullivan Bishop hates Jane Reise; he holds her responsible for the suicide of his brother because Jane prosecuted him years ago. In desperation, Jane blackmails him because she knows a secret about Sullivan that could put him in prison and lose him his business.

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Faced with no choice, Sullivan calls his team in. After four long, action and tension filled days, Sullivan and Jane give in to the attraction that has burned between them since she showed up at his office. Normally, I would be a little hesitant to buy the short time frame, but given everything Sullivan and Jane went through it worked fine. I liked both Jane and Sullivan; they were both strong willed and kick ass characters. The only thing that bugged me was something Jane did to Sullivan towards the end of the book. Title: Armed Response.

As they give in to long-denied passion, Jace vows to protect Lillian with his life. Standalone or series: This is the penultimate in the Omega Sector: Under Siege series, but can be read as a standalone.

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The review: This book is everything you want in a romantic suspense book. Her gender is not seen as a weakness, but a strength. But she has secrets from her past that nobody knows about, not even her boss, Steve Drackett. Secrets that have been slowly consuming her emotionally for years.

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He also has a more covert job to do: try and find the mole who has been helping Damien Freihof take the Omega team out one by one. That proves harder than they think, however, when the spark that once burned between them ignites once more. It becomes clear that Freihof and his insider cohort are planning to blame Lillian for their actions, which places her in danger when they attempt to take her life. Lillian, Jace and the team have a tough assignment ahead: work out the identity of the mole and stop him and Freihof from killing hundreds of innocent people, and stay alive long enough to do it.

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I loved Lillian. Her resilience and determination not to be defined by the terrible thing that happened to her made her a wonderfully complex character. I also loved Jace. Forced into her service, he soon realizes he was wrong about Jane. Title: Major Crimes. The author kindly gave me an ARC to read for review.

Standalone or series: Book four in the Omega Sector: Under Siege series, but can be read as a standalone. Cain needs someone who can hack the Omega system and flush out the mole.

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Fortunately for him, he knows an excellent hacker — Hayley Green, the woman he once loved. What hurts her most is that she believes Cain slept with her in order to get close so he could arrest her.

However, the judge decided to make an example of her and sentenced her to ten years, with a minimum of four. Mason is his son. Other hackers have died in mysterious circumstances, too many for it to be a co-incidence. Along the way, they realise they still love each other.

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Title: Mountain Shelter. The blurb: A mountain hideaway is all that stands between a bodyguard and the killer after his beautiful client…. But his next assignment brings unexpected risks. Hired to protect brilliant—but socially reclusive—neurosurgeon Jayne Shackleford, Dylan seeks answers in what he suspects was a foiled kidnapping attempt. As the daughter of an oil tycoon, Jayne is the perfect target for ransom, so retreating to the mountains is the first step in keeping her safe. The second step is remaining vigilant in their secluded surroundings—and resisting the beautiful brunette with a target on her back.

Take our intrepid heroine, Jayne. A woman who can perform such delicate, intricate surgery would really be a klutz? And then we have our dashing hero, Dylan. And, as Jayne muses in one scene, could also be a porn star. So the plot is thus: an assassin for a cartel is trying to kidnap Jayne. It was obvious to me from very early on in the book why he wanted Jayne, but nobody — not the FBI, not the police, not our genius hero and heroine — seems to figure it out until the very end.

I thought Jayne was just a bitch for most of the book, and I found it difficult to swallow Dylan falling in love with her. With Dylan, he seemed to be half a dozen different men rolled into one. Neither did Jayne and Dylan. A pass from me, alas. Title: Kansas City Countdown.

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She was attacked, escaping with her life but with no memory of who wanted to end it. And the only person she dares trust is Keir. With the clock ticking, every second grows more precious, each action more important…their feelings more intense. But his attraction to Kenna is making this self-declared bachelor reconsider just what his idea of forever could mean.

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Standalone or series : Book two in The Precinct: Bachelors in Blue series, but can be read as a standalone. The review: Keir Watson was destined to be in law enforcement. His father, grandfather, oldest brother and sister are all cops and his other brother performs autopsies for the KCPD. She has amnesia, from being beaten around the head, and her face is covered in slash marks from a knife.

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  8. The only person she trusts is Keir. While at the hospital, bits and pieces about her life start to come back to her. Keir senses it and vows to stay with her until they can find out who attacked her and why. Taking Kenna back to her home does little to allay her fears. The house she inherited off her parents is sterile and cold, and shows no signs of warmth. She then finds evidence that she was being stalked before the attack and the stalker was sending her letters that formed a countdown.

    Keir finds evidence that Kenna was attacked at her property and knows Kenna is being followed by a man in a hood, so he refuses to let her out of his sight. Drawn together by a man determined to kill Kenna, they have to race against the clock to find out who he is and why he wants Kenna dead before he succeeds in his plan. Kenna finds herself leaning on Keir and Keir realises he really liked the new Kenna, and inevitably they turn to each other. She and Keir decide their relationship is one worth pursuing.

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    Year of publication: — this book is being released on May The author very kindly gave me an ARC to read and review. The blurb: One perfect weekend changed his life. Two months ago, Roman Weber and Keira Spencer spent a breathless weekend together.