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Val is distracted by Austin and the tangle of feelings she has for two gorgeously irritating guys who couldn't be more different. When she learns the demon hunters' shocking identities, Val will need all her allies ready, willing and able to help her fight. Even with luck, the cost of saving the world may be more than Val can bear to pay. How much better can it get than that?

Demon Underground Series

The ending took me by surprise; I can't wait for the fourth book to come out! Harris, Vampire Librarian ". Without these cookies, we won't know if you have any performance-related issues that we may be able to address. These cookies help us understand user behavior within our services. For example, they let us know which features and sections are most popular.

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This information helps us design a better experience for all users. To learn more about cookies, please see our cookie policy. After Tell's first failure he scolded him and Fayad for being compromised on a mission of her own earlier and ordered Tell to kill him, as a demonstration, but Damien intercepted Tell's card and used it to kill Mina and gave Jeremy once last chance to accomplish his task.

Quentin then met with Damien in private, seeking advice on restoring Sara Lance 's humanity after being revived in the Lazarus Pit.

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Damien gave Quentin father-to-father advice, warning him that he needed to put down Sara and send her back to the grave, the two not knowing Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak had discovered their alliance from a surveillance photo. Damien then tasked Quentin with using a device that would delete the names of everyone H. E had a hand in assassinating, including Andy Diggle. After the task was finished, Quentin began to question Damien about Andy, which surprised and amused the latter, who wondered why Quentin was so interested in a crime lord but nevertheless giving him a classified folder about Andy.

Team Arrow soon learned that Damien had been holding Ray Palmer captive after intercepting his distress call to Felicity in order to use his technology for their plans, even threatening to harm Felicity if he didn't cooperate. Quentin met with Damien to request magic to help Sara after her recovery with a frustrated Damien saying that he would help but that it was the last time he would ever summon him. They managed to successfully rescue Ray, although Oliver barely managed to escape being strangled to death by chains under control from Damien's telekinesis.

As Oliver stepped up his mayoral campaign, Damien took a more active interest when Oliver announced his plan to restore the Star City Bay area. The following evening Damien met with Quentin to question him about his supposed disloyalty, which Damien expressly warned him against. In the meantime, Green Arrow and his team continued to plague Damien's operations in Star City culminating in a surgical strike against the HQ of the Ghosts by Green Arrow and his team in an effort to rescue Andy.

Damien quickly became aware and sardonically confronted Speedy in a hallway, throwing her off with his magical powers before attempting to siphon the life out of her. To his horror, Damien's power had no negative effect whatsoever on Speedy and instead caused Damien to release her and double over in severe pain as dark patterns spread across his face before disappearing. Damien later stood in the crowd during Oliver's presentation where he didn't decline his previous proposal much to Damien's annoyance.

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Damien later personally led a team of Ghosts to raid an A. During the fighting, Damien was in the midst of draining Green Arrow's life-force when the vigilante was rescued by the Flash. He was both amused and confused about what just happened. Damien would later send a drone to attack the Star City bay which was in the process of being cleaned by volunteers.

However, due to his actions, Oliver Queen revealed his identity to the public as well as his connection to H. Much to his visitors from the organization's annoyance.

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Later, while speaking with the visiting H. Oliver attempted trading himself for his friends, but Damien decided to kill them in a gas chamber to take what Oliver had to fight for. Damien immediately left the scene and fought with Green Arrow, only to be attacked by Oliver. After almost killing Oliver, Damien was knocked out by Malcolm and presumed dead, after the latter destroyed the facility. Damien, who escaped death, showed his associates an underground cornfield, and explained how the air in it was pure and breathable thanks to the algae he engineered from Star City Bay.

He then told the partners it was time for them to begin Phase Four of their plan , and sent Ghosts to kill Queen.

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  • Damien showed no gratitude towards this, only mentioning that he would spare Green Arrow a few more weeks to enjoy time with his own family. After the League of Assassins was disbanded, Malcolm met with Damien.

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    Malcolm claimed he had information on who Oliver loved more than anything, to which Damien mentioned he had already hurt Felicity. However, Malcolm retorted that it was not Felicity but Oliver's son, William Clayton , whom he loved the most, leaving Damien surprised. The Demolition Team failed to come through for Damien once their activities were discovered and foiled by the Green Arrow and his team.

    Afterwards, Malcolm kidnapped William and placed him in Damien's "care". Damien claimed to William he was a friend of his mother, Samantha Clayton , and brought the boy home to be Nora's playmate. Damien met with Felicity and Oliver, showing Oliver a video of William playing at his residence. Green Arrow and Vixen later attacked Damien at his home, but were both overpowered. Damien was impressed by and recognized Vixen's Anansi Totem. He revealed William had been relocated just minutes prior, having learned Team Arrow's plan. He threw Green Arrow outside a window as a distraction before escaping.

    Damien then called Oliver and moved up his timetable. The next day after Oliver dropped out of the race, Damien agreed to release William in three hours at Nelson Plaza. However, Vixen destroyed the idol, rendering Damien powerless. However, Fitzmartin loses the case when Quentin comes forward as a witness due to his credibility as a police chief and exposes that he had been helping Damien commit illegal activity due to Laurel's life being threatened. Damien is then imprisoned at Iron Heights without bail or the possibility of release.

    After being escorted into his cell, Damien casually pulled a ring from between his teeth and slid it into his finger before smiling, implying his plans were still in effect. Malcolm visited Damien at Iron Heights as the latter pondered why his resources weren't trying to help him escape prison.

    Malcolm informed Damien that H. In anger, Damien attempted to strangle Malcolm, forgetting that his powers were negated. Later in prison, Damien was beaten up by Michael Amar and two of his gang members. However, Damien managed to turn the tables by discovering the whereabouts of Amar's grandmother and threatening her life. Amar then turned against and killed his own men, now working together with Damien. Malcolm brought Damien the Khushu Idol, but Damien realized the stone to power it was missing and ordered Malcolm to hunt it down. There, it is revealed that Andy had been a spy for H.

    With the Khushu Idol fixed and his magical powers restored, Damien restrained Thea, Diggle, Oliver, and Laurel, revealing that he figured out their secret identities once Andy revealed his brother worked for Green Arrow. Damien mused how he should've figured out Oliver's identity sooner due to his determination to save William. As Damien approached Laurel, Oliver shot an arrow at him, but he stopped it with his telekinesis. Damien then stabbed Laurel in the stomach with the arrow to send a message to Quentin for turning against him. Damien, Malcolm, and Andy escaped with many of the prisoners. Laurel died of the injuries Damien afflicted upon her hours later. According to Rip Hunter , in the original timeline where Sara never left Star City to join the Legends , Damien would have killed both her and Laurel, as well as their father.

    Placing a tracker on Diggle after he is kidnapped by Andy, Darhk is able to locate Lyla.

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    Easily penetrating the secured truck with his magic, Darhk extracts the Rubicon from Lyla, a device capable of controlling any nuclear missile. Having killed tens of thousands of people with a nuclear missile guided by the reprogrammed Rubicon, Darhk absorbed the dark energy channeled after their deaths, growing stronger than ever. Darhk then used Felicity Smoak 's ex-boyfriend and hacker Cooper Seldon to help him hack into Rubicon however he was opposed by Felicity, her dad Noah and Curtis who defeated him and sent a power wave through his computer which knocked him out. Angry and Mad, he arrived at Felicity's apartment and stated that he needed a favor.

    She then told him to go to hell but he stated that he intended to bring hell to them. Darhk then used his powers to throw Curtis aside and uses them to levitate Donna towards him. He then threatened to kill Felicity's mother unless she helps him launch the missiles and end the world.