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Digital Discipleship: Transforming Ministry Through Technology

Every man must stand before God at the Judgment and account for his own life. How will you explain how you are spending these days to your King? Let nothing distract you. What could possibly be more important? In the book of Revelation Jesus gave this message to the church in Sardis. There can be no question he gives the same warning to many of us today.

Sounds easy, right? And yet because of the entrapment of compulsion, you may have to fight to achieve this.

Safeguarding Internet use for children:

Write down a policy for yourself that defines the limits on when and how you will play games. Considering all the things you believe should occupy your hours, what place should games hold? Each day, you probably want to. All of these are good things with an ancient history in Christian practice. And many believers have proven that there is time in every day to do all of these things.

Reclaim your days and make them fruitful in every area of life. What place, then, does playing video games have in a day full of good things? Answer this question by your own conscience, and write a policy to capture what you intend to do. These are generous limits, but not out of keeping with other hobbies—reading books, watching TV, exercising—that people may pursue or other duties—studying, working, cooking, reading the Bible, tending house—we must pursue.

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As a game designer and parent I say with confidence and urgency: no child under the age of 8 should ever be allowed to play video games. They should never be allowed to use a digital device computer, phone, tablet for more than 5 minutes at a time, and never unsupervised. Life is made to be lived. Go outside and make something. Use accountability. Enlist the help of people who know you, people you trust to have your best interests at heart, and people who understand the value and danger of games.

Ask them to hold you accountable. And empower them so that if you break your limits, they can switch off games completely for a long time. Does this seem extreme? They do. Stop playing them completely, for a year or more at least; maybe forever. If any of the signs of compulsion mentioned in Answer 4 apply to you, then games are a danger. Get rid of them. This is not a hard decision; just get rid of them. What good are they doing you? So get rid of them. Thousands of years of human history have passed without games.

If you never play a video game in your life it will do no damage to your life whatsoever. They are, at best, an occasional, harmless amusement. Easy, right?

You have no problem with that do you? But of course, if you do, then you have a problem with games, and with God. And all the more reason to push through the resistance you feel and put games in their proper place in your life: either very limited, or outside of it completely. Q1: Can a Christian play video games?

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Q3: When does a game dishonor God? A game dishonors God when it leads you or others into temptation, sin, or unbelief. A game that features nudity or sexual content obviously offers temptation and promotes sin. Q4: When does playing games become compulsive? If any one of the following statements are true of you, then games have become a compulsion.

Q5: When does playing games detract from other opportunities and duties? This leads us to an underlying principle in how Christians should relate to games. Q6: What happens when a Christian fills his life with games rather than better pursuits? The God of the Covenant, whom the Virgin of Nazareth praises in song as her spirit rejoices, is the One who casts down the mighty from their thrones and raises up the lowly, fills the hungry with good things and sends the rich away empty, scatters the proud and shows mercy to those who fear him cf.

Lk Mary is totally dependent upon God and completely directed towards him by the impetus of her faith. The Church, God's dwelling place with men and women. The Church, sharing in mankind's joys and hopes, in its anxieties and sadness, stands with every man and woman of every place and time, to bring them the good news of the Kingdom of God, which in Jesus Christ has come and continues to be present among them[73]. In the midst of mankind and in the world she is the sacrament of God's love and, therefore, of the most splendid hope, which inspires and sustains every authentic undertaking for and commitment to human liberation and advancement.

Rev , so that man is not alone, lost or frightened in his task of making the world more human; thus men and women find support in the redeeming love of Christ. As minister of salvation, the Church is not in the abstract nor in a merely spiritual dimension, but in the context of the history and of the world in which man lives[74]. Here mankind is met by God's love and by the vocation to cooperate in the divine plan. Unique and unrepeatable in his individuality, every person is a being who is open to relationships with others in society.

Life together in society, in the network of relationships linking individuals, families and intermediate groups by encounter, communication and exchange, ensures a higher quality of living. The common good that people seek and attain in the formation of social communities is the guarantee of their personal, familial and associative good[75]. These are the reasons for which society originates and takes shape, with its array of structures, that is to say its political, economic, juridical and cultural constructs.

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  8. As an expert in humanity[77], she is able to understand man in his vocation and aspirations, in his limits and misgivings, in his rights and duties, and to speak a word of life that reverberates in the historical and social circumstances of human existence. Enriching and permeating society with the Gospel.

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    With her social teaching the Church seeks to proclaim the Gospel and make it present in the complex network of social relations. It is not simply a matter of reaching out to man in society — man as the recipient of the proclamation of the Gospel — but of enriching and permeating society itself with the Gospel [78]. For the Church, therefore, tending to the needs of man means that she also involves society in her missionary and salvific work.

    The way people live together in society often determines the quality of life and therefore the conditions in which every man and woman understand themselves and make decisions concerning themselves and their vocation. For this reason, the Church is not indifferent to what is decided, brought about or experienced in society; she is attentive to the moral quality — that is, the authentically human and humanizing aspects — of social life.

    Society — and with it, politics, the economy, labour, law, culture — is not simply a secular and worldly reality, and therefore outside or foreign to the message and economy of salvation. Society in fact, with all that is accomplished within it, concerns man. By means of her social doctrine, the Church takes on the task of proclaiming what the Lord has entrusted to her.