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Assessment The outcome variable HRQoL was measured using the full version of a generic instrument, the Swedish health-related quality of life survey, 1.

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Subscale No. Statistical methods The sample size needed was estimated to be approximately 20—25 participants per group. Results We have previously shown that these patients on sick leave because of burnout, mainly due to work-related causes, have markedly lower HRQoL in general [ 18 ], but randomized control studies measuring HRQoL after treating these severely sick patients are scarce. Table 6. Table 5 Socio-demographic data among the study groups compared to the Swedish population. Traditional yoga Yoga has previously not been used as a treatment in this group of patients, but might have a good effect, as TY employs exercises involving the main domains affected in burnout.

Cognitive behavioral therapy The results here show a similar pattern that was seen in the MCBT group, with high median numerical differences in most of the 7 statistically significant subscales Fig. Satisfaction with the treatment All patients reported good effect from, and satisfaction with, the received treatment.

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Cognitive function Emotion is also known to be closely connected to cognitive function [ 62 , 63 ], and may affect emotional wellbeing, and vice versa. Sleep The subscale sleep showed good results in the all three groups group. Strengths and limitations One of the strengths of this study is that it is a RCT, and that the study group was a clinical sample of patients with different occupations, reflecting the situation of these patients on sick leave in occupational medicine and in primary care.

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Implications for health care and research We assume that the results are generalizable to patients undergoing rehabilitation in occupational medicine and primary care settings, where most of these patients are found, despite the limitations of inclusion and exclusion criteria such as age, gender, whether working or not, under- or overweight and having other diseases. Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests. Contributor Information Astrid Grensman, Email: es. References 1.

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  • Yoga as an alternative and complementary approach for stress management: a systematic review. Is one yoga style better than another? A systematic review of associations of yoga style and conclusions in randomized yoga trials. Complement Ther Med. Improvement in physiological and psychological parameters after 6 months of yoga practice.

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