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Example of a comprehension question? Example of an Abstract Reasoning or similarity question? Calculating and problem solving using given information. Example of a digit scan question? Example of a digit symbol question on the Wechsler test? Example of what a picture completion question would look like? Example of what a block design question would look like? Example of what a picture object assembly question would look like? Example of what a picture arrangement question would look like?

Purposes of the Wechsler subtests? What's the difference between aptitude tests from intelligent tests? IQ : More general , focussed on a persons ability to learn. Aptitude : A test focussed on an application ie. MCAT in that field. What is the main similarity between aptitude and IQ tests? Both are not designed to test learning, yet moreso for critical reasoning. What are the 8 different categories for types of aptitude tests?

Numerical reasoning:.

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Language usage:. Mechanical Reasoning. Whats an example of verbal reasoning? Whats an example of numerical reasoning? Whats an example of spelling aptitude test? Whats an example of language usage aptitude test? Whats an example of an abstract reasoning aptitude test?

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Whats an example of perpetual speed and accuracy aptitude test? Whats an example of a mechanical reasoning aptitude test?

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Whats an example of a space relations aptitude test? What test would be used to assess whether you were introverted, independent or assertive? Personality test. What are 3 examples of self report personality tests. Assesses 16 dimensions of personality:. When taking the 16 dimension questionnaire, what were their findings about flight pilots? When compare to the avg. When taking the 16 dimension questionnaire, what were their findings about writers? When compared to the avg.

What's the purpose of the slate trait test? To test you on 1 specific personality trait. What tests measures how you perceive your ability to elicit intimate self disclosure about other people? Which test asks subjects to respond to how they feel about these vague pictures?

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  5. Rorschach Test. Interests and aspects of personality. Personality tests fall into what two categories? Mental Ability. The different subcategories of mental ability tests are? What are intelligence tests designed to measure? Intellectual potential. How do achievement tests report their results? Grade level equivalence.

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    What are the two broad categories of personality tests? Projective tests. What kind of test might be used to determine the common personality traits of firemen?

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    Self report tests. What kind of tests are used when having the subject identify obscure or vague pictures or stimuli? Projective test. Roschach Test. Correlation coefficient.

    Psychology 101: Intelligence

    A numerical index of the degree of relationship between two variables. Factors that lead to a higher IQ in heritage? Identical twins together at top. Is there a higher percentage of IQ in twins? Higher correlation to higher IQ in twins than fraternal.

    get link Apart or together. What percent of IQ is known to be inherited? What important factor does Howard Gardner bring up. IQ tests generally emphasize on verbal and math skills. What we the other skills that Howard Gardner felt IQ tests missed out on? Ability to recognize and categorize objects in nature. Taking to ones self:. Capacity to respond to mood and emotions with others. Gambler fallacy Video. Lighting - thinder. Flynn effect? Generation by generation, the general IQ increases, but the bell mean also increases so it looks as if it remains the same.

    But if we look at the mean of IQ today compare to 25 years ago mean, our mean would be higher. What does Steinberg believe? That if we focused on the 3 types of intelligence, our IQ would increase. Problem solving. What you need to do to solve the end goal.

    IQ Testing Myths, and Whether We Get Smarter As We Age: Alan Kaufman

    What are the three types of "problem solving"? Problems of Inducing Structure. Problem Solving Problems of Inducing Structure. Seeing the relationship between different parts to find the answer 1. Spouse is to husband and sibling is to brother. Problem Solving Arrangement.

    Where people are.