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Rhodes: At least 10 times a day, if not 14, sometimes. I was going at it to the point where I was injuring myself. Chafing on my genitals. And I couldn't even stop for a day to allow it to heal, just had to keep going. And I was, like, "This can't be healthy. I wanted to stop, but I couldn't or I felt like I couldn't. Ling: Did your parents have any idea of what you were doing?

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Rhodes: My parents had no idea They were working, but also, I was very, very sneaky about it. I would know to wake up earlier or to run home from school so that I could get it in before they came home. I was very good at eluding my parents and making sure that they're completely unaware. To my knowledge, I don't think they ever knew anything about this up until when I told them about it.

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Ling: Did you have any kind of sex education growing up? Rhodes: I did have some sex education as early as elementary school but it definitely did not mention porn. Nobody warned me about this. Teens make the case for porn literacy Ling: So if you say you were addicted to porn at a young age and were watching pretty hardcore stuff, how did you see girls?

Rhodes: That's a good question. I think porn just took away all of the mystery of women to the point where I just wasn't really that interested in them anymore. Originally, I was like, yeah, I wanna go on dates and stuff. But when I started getting heavily into porn, I just -- I was good. You know, I had porn, I don't need that. Rhodes: I would say I was addicted to porn between the ages of 11 or ish to probably Ling: How did that continue to affect you beyond adolescence? Rhodes: When I first had sex, I did quickly realize that in order to maintain arousal I had to really fantasize about porn and [I] almost ignored the person in front of me.

That was the biggest indicator right there that something was happening. You also have this other effect called delayed ejaculation. It's also called an orgasm that's just difficult or impossible to achieve, and that was my main thing. I could not have an orgasm; I just couldn't because my brain was attracted more to pornography over a real person. Ling: At what point, Alex, did you realize, "This is a big problem for me?

Rhodes: I had a few impacted relationships as a result of porn addiction. I was never violent in the bedroom or anything like that. But you could say that I was generally disinterested in sex. It wasn't that exciting to me. I would prefer pornography over my partner. Ling: Porn has not been medically classified an addiction.

Why do you believe it's so addictive?

Rhodes: I think porn is addictive simply because it is targeting our sexuality and it's endlessly available anytime, anywhere. Whenever somebody hears about porn addiction, they may be quick to discount it because they're thinking of some of the movements based in the '50s or the '60s; retaliation to Playboy and Hustler, and stuff like that.

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I'm not against the depiction of somebody nude in some form of media. That's not the problem here. What it's really like to be an adult film star The problem is that today's internet porn is not like your grandfather's porn. It's completely different from Playboy. It's completely different from the porn of the past and that's why it's addictive, because our brains are wired to consume as much of it as possible. Ling: Do you think there's any kind of porn that is okay for people? We interviewed a married couple that uploads videos of themselves in real world situations just having sex; real bodies and everything.

Ling: Yes. Do you think that there's any porn that is okay and possibly healthy for people to consume? Rhodes: I don't think porn is healthy, but I'm not on a mission to outlaw it. I'm not on a mission to push for legislation.

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I think it's everybody's personal choice whether to consume it or not. It's like cigarettes, in my opinion. I think that the more of it you use, the more at risk you are for addiction and the more at risk you are of negative side effects. Ling: In many states, there's no sex education at all. They have an abstinence-only mandate.

And a lot of people are getting educated about sex through porn. What kind of sex education do you think we should be receiving? Rhodes: If you don't teach your kids about porn, the porn producers will teach your kids about porn for you. Whether you know it or not.

So, it's absolutely essential that every parent, even teachers, anybody, just warn the next generation about this issue. I absolutely believe that's my mission to get the word out there. Not to force people to stop using porn, but to at least allow them to make an educated decision about what they choose to do with their genitals during their free time.

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Is there such a thing as 'good porn'? Rhodes: Nice segue. In , I was online looking for answers about why I couldn't get anything done. I was super ineffective.

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  8. Thankfully, I was smart enough to make it through school. I never got really great grades though or anything like that. I don't know how much of it is to blame on the porn or other things. But I was looking at a study from China that showed that if you abstain from masturbating for a week your blood serum testosterone levels will go up if you have a penis.

    So, I threw up a forum on Reddit and that's where NoFap was born. The concept was to not masturbate for, like, a week or a month to see what would happen. It was really just an experimental ground, like an experimental laboratory for people to come on and just share their experiences of not using porn [and] not masturbating. For a porn addict, it's really tough to separate porn from masturbation. So, if they tried to masturbate without porn, chances are, they're gonna be fantasizing about porn while masturbating. It's very important to make sure that people know that this isn't an anti-masturbation website.

    This isn't against masturbation. We're very pro-sex. A healthy colon will rid your body of the leftovers it no longer needs. Your stool is filled with bacteria, so it is important to pass this out of your body. Talk with your health care provider about colorectal cancer. Colorectal cancer is preventable, and is easy to treat and often curable when detected early. Ask your health care provider what kind of screening test you should have and when. Colon and rectal surgeons are experts in the surgical and non-surgical treatment of diseases of the colon, rectum and anus.

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