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Le Morte d'Arthur

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Le Morte d'Arthur

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Sword of Lancelot (1963) [Action] [Adventure] [Fantasy]

Blog Tour. Lancelot and the King. The Knights of Camelot Book 1. A love long-held, the love of a knight for his king, a love which must be denied.

Lancelot is banished from Camelot in disgrace, not only has he lost his honour and country, but too late he realises he has lost his love. If his king needs him and he is called to the sword, he knows where he must be. His country is threatened, the dark wings of war are gathering and his loveā€¦ that will just have to wait. He will stand shoulder to shoulder with the man he loves and if they survive the battlefields, if they can survive the peace, then maybe, just maybe, a knight and his king can put aside their call to arms and listen to the call of their hearts.

The Knights of Camelot series is a reimagining of the Arthurian legends. Each book features two or more men in love with one another, steamy encounters, and more. These books are not intended to be read as standalones, so be sure to start at the beginning with Lancelot and the King. Lancelot and the Sword. The Knights of Camelot Book 2. A powerful new threat looms over Camelot and the fleeting sanctuary of love is shattered. Maybe beyond repair.

Lancelot and Arthur must place their joy on hold to save the kingdom. As chaos takes hold over the land, the time for tender passion has passed. This is the time for heroes, the time for a king and his greatest knight to make a stand and lead their country through the fires of war.

But in the midst of the battles sometimes the needs of the moment demand sacrifice and a trust is broken. With the blood of betrayal still running, Lancelot finds himself drawn to another. But a jealous king is a dangerous creature and the ghosts of the dead are intent on hounding a broken soul to the grave.

Lancelot and the Grail. The Knights of Camelot Book 3. A broken and shattered knight hides from the world and from the man who destroyed him. Betrayed by the man he loved, Lancelot vows that the only way he will return is to see the heart of his king staining the floors of Camelot.

Then one day, a gentler soul tracks down the tormented knight and sets to repairing a mind so damaged, there may never be a way back. When Tancred finds Lancelot, he is barely recognisable. The revenant of a once powerful knight, with a heart which burns so intensely, it is only the pain which gives life. But Tancred is not going to lose a soulmate he has spent a lifetime waiting to find.

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Lancelot will return and his sword is thirsty for blood. The power of the Grail and the fury of Excalibur are turned on the enemies of Camelot in a race to save a kingdom and a brotherhood bound in blood. The Knights of Camelot Book 4. A deal which will bind the knight to an evil power in return for the life of the man he loves. Lancelot is forced to work for the fey in a bargain which is set to unleash a new terror on the lands.

A force so powerful that even the gods step back to watch. Games which will cost Lancelot his soul if he cannot find a way to defeat the evil which grows.

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But when the final prophecy is revealed, Lancelot must challenge his fate alone. The Knights of Camelot Book 5. When chaos descends the gentlest soul will break. When that soul belongs to the man to whom Lancelot has given his heart, death is coming for the tormenters. Lancelot is now the king of Albion and his sword will destroy her enemies. Even if those enemies are more powerful than anything he could have dreamed. But first he needs to save his love. A man so destroyed that his thirst for revenge will not stop until the kingdom runs red. Forced to make alliances with once hated enemies, the needs of war forge dangerous bedfellows.

To save a kingdom may just cost Lancelot the only thing he has left. His soul. The Knights of Camelot Book 6. With only one chance to save his lover, and his land, Lancelot must make a new deal with the gods. They will demand everything Lancelot holds and take the last threads of hope from his heart. Lancelot must find a way to stop their destruction before Camelot, Albion and Tancred are lost forever. Each book features two or more men in love with one another, steamy encounters, and more. These books are not intended to be read as standalones, so be sure to start at the beginning with Lancelot and the King.

It would rain before too long, making footing dangerous.

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  • I mentally prepared, once more going through simple combinations of sword movements in my mind. Calm filled me, I remained centred and back in my world.

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    This I knew how to do, I knew how to fight. Women, politics, they were a mystery to me but fighting I understood. We approached the castle and I realised a great crowd swelled and rolled, like a huge wave of humanity. King Arthur always drew an audience. Once we reached the main gate, the throng parted. We walked over the moat and through the wall into the killing fields. The soldiers lined the way to the tourney field, keeping the people back. We made short work of reaching the site.

    Without the time to set up a tourney field outside the city, we were squashed into the practice area. The walls began to close in on me, the armour became heavy and my vision too restricted. The noise of the crowd and the stink of bodies made me wish for the open fields and my simple life with Else. I saw Geraint, Kay and many others scattered through the crowd of wealthy merchants.