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I read this with great joy, because this not only reminded me we are not.

Servicio Nacional del Consumidor v Ticketek Supreme Court, December 6th,Case No. Hence it happens that my brother, man of the world, shrewd and quick observer of the characters of men in view of his own interests, passing for a man of intellect by show- ing brilliancy that supposes the solid rather than the pro- found, comprehending easily, seizing to his own use the ideas of others, concealing cleverly his ignorance and his negligence, going to the essential thing, namely, that which makes himself apparent, that which pleases the master rather than that which is useful to him, careful of all that will make his pliancy and gentleness visible, trained to the talk and language of the great world, adroit in hiding vices of the heart, hatred, vengeance, self-interest, - in short, a perfect courtier if ever there was one ; hence it happens, I say, that following the character and conduct of Cardinal de Fleury, who trained him, and by whom he has taken pattern to gov- ern his master, he has made the king believe that he alone is his friend at Court.