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His work is on display at the Metreon Center in San Francisco. Mona Lisa single-handedly makes the Louvre a must-see stop on any visit to Paris.

The Mona Lisa Speaks

It might not even be the most awe-inspiring or influential. Mona Lisa may be years old, but she keeps making news. EF Tours Blog. Destinations Mona Lisa speaks.

To support his argument, the author of The Lady Speaks: Uncovering the Secrets of the Mona Lisa explains how Leonardo hid clues in the painting: in total, not less than "40 symbols, taken from the 21 verses of the chapter 14 of the Book of the Prophet Zechariah" in the painting. Therefore, there is a link between religion, the painting of the Italian master and his feminist commitment.

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It is precisely this link that William Varvel wishes to highlight in order to allow a reflection on the subject. A new definition of the place of Mona Lisa in the artworks from the Renaissance is necessary to apprehend the political and feminist scope of this masterpiece.

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Yesterday, we learned that Mona Lisa originally had eyebrows and eyelashes. A French engineer, Pascal Cotte, pored over the most famous painting in the world with a high-definition camera he invented. He announced yesterday that he found definitive proof that da Vinci painted eyebrows and eyelashes on the portrait.

Mona Lisa Speaks

The engineer suggested that the brows and lashes may have faded over time or been erased during a botched cleaning. His exhaustive examination also revealed other discoveries, including the position of her left hand. His work is on display at the Metreon Center in San Francisco.