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The outbreak of war

Becoming Beatriz. Tami Charles. Lifeformed Volume 2: Hearts and Minds.

Matt Mair Lowery. Juliet Takes a Breath. Gabby Rivera. Colleen Houck. Out of Darkness.

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English literature - The literature of World War I and the interwar period |

The Ruinous Sweep. Tim Wynne-Jones. Akwaeke Emezi. Frankly in Love. Hope Is Our Only Wing. Rutendo Tavengerwei. The Prom. David Almond. The Story of Owen. Megan Cooley Peterson. The Starlight Claim.

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The Color of the Sun. The Magnolia Sword. Sherry Thomas. A Time to Dance. Padma Venkatraman.

David Levithan. Crown of Thunder.

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  • The British Short Story of the First World War: Form, Function, and Canonisation?
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Tochi Onyebuchi. Confessions of a Teenage Leper. Ashley Little. Sword and Pen. Fighting is no longer our ideal. It is an anachronism. You may also enjoy Civil War Stories and American History to better understand historical events from authors who were there.

Henry H. World War I Literature. Short days ago we lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and now we lie in Flanders fields.

World War I

Considered one of the most influential modernist poems of the twentieth century for its cerebral, sparse, and haunting vision of society after the First World War. Only the monstrous anger of the guns. Only the stuttering rifles' rapid rattle can patter out their hasty orisons. Owen was one of the War's leading poets, killed in He wrote his searing verses to honor the memory of the fallen.

Edward Brittain, killed July, After his son was reported missing in the Battle of Loos in , the Kiplings led an extensive search, visiting hospitals and interviewing soldiers, but they were never successful. His body may have been identified in , but remains unconfirmed.

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Battle of Menin Road, wounded by side of the road, One of Teasdale's best known poems about nature's resilience after the War's destruction. Teasdale expresses empathy for the women overseas whose loved ones will never return. Frost's poem is about a wife relieved that her husband returned in one piece, yet crushed to learn he'll be shipping back to war after a week's rest. Burr's poetic feeling after serving in the American Red Cross: "Facing our guns, so little and so young Against the sunny vineyard-green, I thought What wasted courage!

Graves remained haunted by the memory of war long after, and was amazed by those able to slip back into normalcy seemingly unencumbered. Rama laments its dead innocents; Herod hows: 'Sly slaughter rules now! This is a colourfully illustrated non-fiction text that explains the history of the First World War to young readers. Archie's War. Marcia Williams. This is a scrapbook-style text by the popular author-illustrator Marcia Williams. Humorous and moving, this book offers a wonderful insight into what life might have been like for children living through World War 1.

Vlad and the First World War. From the author of the popular story Vlad and the Great Fire of London available here comes the next adventure of Vlad the flea, this time set on the Western Front in Vlad helps a carrier pigeon to deliver a top secret message from behind enemy lines, taking in the sites of the war as they travel. War Game. Michael Foreman.

The British Short Story of the First World War: Form, Function, and Canonisation

Illustrated with water colour pictures, this is a highly recommended picture book that is popular in KS2 classrooms. You may also like War Boy available here by the same author. Stories of the First World War. Jim Eldridge. Story themes include life in the trenches, the impact of war on those at home and medical workers trying to save lives in the midst of destruction. Frightful First World War.

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Terry Deary. Part of the very popular Horrible Histories series, this book allows children to uncover all of the gory and foul facts about the First World War. The Silver Hand. What do you do when you find out that your mother is a spy? This is exactly what happens to Aimee, a young French girl in the year Aimee befriends a German boy called Marius and what follows is a thrilling adventure of a friendship that survives despite the heavy shadow of war that poses danger at every turn.

A gripping story suitable for upper KS2. The Silver Donkey. Sonya Hartnett. This is a poignant story of courage and humanity, suitable for upper KS2.

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