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His life takes a darker turn when the demonic forces he first encountered in Krajeck arrive in L. With the unobtrusive ease of a natural storyteller, the author propels a wide assortment of vividly created characters through an apocalyptic scenario that combines gritty urban realism with a powerful portrait of supernatural forces at large in the modern world.

The result is a genuine classic of the genre, a novel that is as fresh and absorbing today as it was more than thirty years ago.

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As readable today as when first published, this savage yet elegant shock show succeeds as crowd-pleasing storytelling as well as a time capsule of the s horror aesthetic. Sign Up for news and offers Make sure you don't miss interesting happenings by joining our newsletter program. In Print Preorders Out of Print. My Cart.

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They Thirst Trade Paperback Edition. Trade paperback cover by Vincent Chong. Yes Length pages.

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    They Thirst by Robert R. McCammon

    The chunky trade paperback hefts in at a meaty pages but rarely has a dull moment, with expertly interwoven multiple characters, believably sketched story lines, atmosphere and some great villains. It is in many ways a classical vampire story. The tired and familiar horror topic of vampires is tackled with great verve, originality and style.

    You probably have, but not ramped to the bombastic level McCammon cranks it up to in They Thirst.

    They Thirst Trade Paperback Edition

    Incredibly page 1 takes place on Friday October 25th and the novel concludes on Friday 1st November. One week sees the near total destruction of the city as the, regimented, almost army like, swarms of the dead, multiply and kill off a swathe of major characters along the way.

    Tracks We Remember That They Thirst

    When I read a novel from this period I often count the frequency a character seeks out a telephone box, or cannot find a telephone box, or curses because the telephone box is busted, but I think it only happened twice in this novel. Disco music booms away in the sweaty Los Angeles streets, as the vampires begin their silent takeover, house by house, flat by flat, district by district and as the police do not really care what is going down in the Latino areas, where much of the novel is set, before you know it there are a lot of vampires.

    Book Review: They Thirst by Robert McCammon

    Both novels featuring a vampire adventurer in the times of the American Civil War, but in this case the vampire is the good guy. In the prologue we are taken back to the mid 20th century, Hungary, where a young boy witnesses his mother killing his father, not realising he is a vampire. Detective Palatazin is a terrific character, troubled, ground down, tired, dedicated and willing to give up his life to fight the shadow which has always loomed over him.