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Our future burial parkland already exists, just beyond the outermost suburban lots that ring Australian cities. This border land is currently occupied by sheep and cattle pastures but is increasingly being rezoned and amalgamated into an ever-expanding urban footprint.

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Converting this territory into burial parkland, rather than housing subdivision, would protect whatever wildlife and vegetation remains in this cleared and denuded landscape, while curtailing urban sprawl. The key element of this proposed transformation is that, while natural burial land quickly becomes indistinguishable from bushland, current legislation provides for preservation of cemetery spaces in perpetuity. Incorporating burial within the forest establishes a covenant over the revegetated grazing land that cannot be reversed.

Don’t Burn Trees to Fight Climate Change—Let Them Grow

No more urban sprawl. Fields and allotments would be individually acquired by public or private entities and converted into burial forest.

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Adjoining sections of forest would be gradually amalgamated into a single Burial Belt, a linear green swathe that halts further development and protects agricultural land and remnant habitat on the other side. From an architectural point of view, there are many ways this general idea could be implemented to suit different site conditions and communities.

Read more: Increasing tree cover may be like a 'superfood' for community mental health. In the current proposal, large clearings are carved out of the immensity of the forest, with smaller hollows containing intimately-scaled burial spaces dispersed around the edges of these clearings.

Access could be provided via boardwalks and other temporary facilities similar to those found in national parks. The proposed forest cemetery requires little upkeep.

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Shah — Oxford, Aberdeenshire. UEA Inaugural lecture: Alternative performance measures: do managers disclose them to inform us, or to mislead us? Screen music and the question of originality - Miguel Mera — London, Islington. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Aerial view of a proposed Burial Belt. Other Architects , Author provided No reuse. David Neustein , University of Technology Sydney. This new approach to burial would feature native trees rather than rows of headstones.

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All it requires is a new way of thinking about what happens to our bodies when we die. Burial space is running out in some Australian cemeteries.

TREE Fund – Tree Research & Education Endowment Fund

What else goes up in smoke? A more natural burial The Burial Belt proposal relies on a societal shift from traditional burial and cremation to natural burial. Where would this take place? Preserved forever The key element of this proposed transformation is that, while natural burial land quickly becomes indistinguishable from bushland, current legislation provides for preservation of cemetery spaces in perpetuity. TREE Fund is a charitable grant-making organization established to support urban and community forests, the utility rights of way that connect them, and the skilled professionals who plan, plant, manage and maintain them.

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Our work is made possible by the generous support of corporate, small business and community organization partners, as well as individual donors. September 11, Teresa Recchia Comments Off on Crowning Achievements: Effect of topping on microclimate conditions and human comfort. At Bartlett, we believe in beauty through science — and research has been the key to our success.

For nearly years The Davey Tree Expert Company has been rooted in corporate responsibility—demonstrating environmental, social and economic stewardship in everything we do. Davey is proud to partner with organizations such as TREE Fund to advance tree stewardship and societal well-being. Green Manufacturing, Inc.